Ultrasound Technician Job Description

The ultrasound technology is utilized for finding internal structures of the human body. In addition to that, it is also used to examine the woman’s pregnancy, gender of the fetus and more. For that reason, there is a great demand for the qualified ultrasound technicians in the medicinal field. On the other hand, this technology is totally different from x-ray and other scans. As a result, the skilled person, who has enough knowledge to handle this equipment can enter into this field. Apart from that, this field require the ultrasound technicians to undergo extreme training to handle the equipments efficiently. The trained ultrasound technicians are also called as Sonographers. Those trainings are fully preferred by some reputable schools. There greater arrays of schools are available, which is located just around in the state Texas such as Houston, Dallas, and more other places.

Responsibilities and Job Description of ultrasound technicians:

The ultrasound technicians are also called by the different names such as Ultrasound Technologist and Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

· The ultrasound technician has the duty of managing ultrasound equipment in an effective manner. This enables them to capture images and describes the composition, motions and shapes of tissue, organ’s action and more other.

· Together with the captured image, they make analysis to find the variation between the healthy condition and imperfect condition of the patient’s health

· Summarize the technical deductions and forwarded to the physician for enough diagnosis.

· They have to ensure that the images generated by such equipment are well clear for diagnosis, or else making sufficient adjustment to get the best image.

· They should also responsible for maintaining the equipments in a good condition so as to obtain the clear images of the internal organs.

· They also need to interact with the patient to overcome the fear and maintaining them in a comfortable level throughout the examination.

· They additionally ought to make proper maintenance of the patient’s records for future reference. So, they also need the ability to good commentary along with written skills.

medical office assistant job description

The medical office assistants require at least a higher secondary or equivalent diploma or technical course certificate, candidates with an Associate of Applied Science degree with accreditation of CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs) will definitely be preferred. Some of the schools and colleges offer training program that emphasis on all the important aspects both administrative and clinical tasks and procedures, some of the training programs also provide recruitment or on the job training after completion of these courses the individuals require .to obtain a certification to be able to work as a certified medical assistant. The medical assistant’s jobs has a lot of scope as the medical industry is ever growing and developing and there is a great demand for medical professionals. After gaining a few years of experience the individuals can get promoted for higher official’s jobs like in charge or supervisor etc

computer software engineer job description

Most precious profession in today’s modern world

In today’s modern world the demand and importance for computer software engineer is growing very high and millions of people today are choosing this field as their career path so as to enjoy the real benefits of life with perfect and popular profession. The main purpose of computer software engineers is developing and designing. Application of perfect theories and principles of computer science is highly valuable and important to successfully create and evaluate the software applications.

Computer Software Engineers often have better luck if they are well versed in cyber security. After all, one can never learn too much about technology, and an engineer with a solid background in cyber security is sure to be safe while working with technology. Check over here to see how you can obtain a cyber security degree online. This form of education provides the same amount of comprehensive knowledge as conventional college while allowing the student to learn and grow from just about anywhere. Cyber Security is a huge issue for any modern business, so a degree like this often pays for itself.

It is not that simple to explain the computer software engineer job description exactly because the job of these engineers varies depending upon various situations. However the main concept of this profession is utilization of proper principles of mathematical analysis and computer science so as to make way towards new inventions in computer world and bring highly useful changes in technology.

Whether it is computer games, business applications, middleware or operating systems it is very important to develop software and here the computer software engineer plays vital role in developing it.  Whenever we talk about computer software engineer job description it is very important to know that there are two categories in this profession namely: application engineers and system engineers.

Application engineer duties:

ü  Analyze end users

ü  Construct and maintain general computer software utility programs

ü  Develop packaged computer applications

ü  Develop data base

System engineer duties:

ü  Coordinate construction and maintenance of computer system

ü  Set up organizations intranets

ü  Designing and implementation of system security

ü  Coordinate every department’s computer needs like billing, ordering and inventory

Educational requirements

Bachelor’s degree is a common certification required by the people who are interesting in making their way towards this great profession. However for some positions it is mandatory to have master’s degree along with relevant skills and knowledge about profession.

Getting into the field of computer software engineering is highly beneficial for people who are dreaming about utilizing their own talents and earning good amount of money to make their future life successful and luxurious.

Barista Job Description

Barista: It’s an Italian word for “bartender”. He is a coffee-house employee, who not just prepares but also serves coffee drinks based on espresso. He is a person who is an expert in preparing coffee keeping up with old traditions prevailing in Italy from the time immemorial. Therefore, barista job calls for the capability to make the perfect cup of coffee, also in interesting varieties like cappuccinos, cold coffee, lattes, chocolate coffee and others.

Many coffee shops officially use the title for their coffee makers, Irrespective of his level of skills or the training given, many coffee cafes refer their coffee makers with this title though its not regulated term. They work in restaurants, stores, departmental stores, theatres, casinos, malls and other places who consider in serving coffee to their consumers. They are find behind the counters more often plying their skills and art.

Roles and responsibilities: Basically his role is to brew a perfect espresso with certain duties involved, some of them are

  • Advising consumers as to the quality and quantity of mince involved.
  • Inform them about the coffees temperature
  • Educate them of the various flavors available
  • Advise customers about country of origin of coffee beans
  • Dispensing of the wastes
  • Provide good customer service
  • Always delight your customers
  • Use various attractive techniques while making the coffee for an aromatic response
  • Achieving an appetizing & frothing look
  • Garnish the coffee with various tasty materials like lemon, cream etc., depending on the order
  • Efficiently handle the cash register
  • Coordinate with other baristas to ensure that the right coffee is placed in front of the right customer.
  • Maintain hygiene at the counter and also the restaurant or café
  • Keep the coffee machines neat & clean
  • Replenishing goods & ensure that hygienic standards are met at the work area
  • Train new staff member
  • He should be familiar with the history of coffee, coffee sweltering process and concocting various types of coffee.


Good interacting skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Very polite and friendly, as they directly deal with customers every time
  • Understand customer needs
  • Respond and reply the customers query
  • Active listening, never ask the customer to repeat
  • Skilled with hands, as this is most important in preparing the right coffee
  • Serve hot or cold coffee as per the order
  • Time management

Executive Assistant Job Description

Executive Assistant; Usually referred as executive officer, is responsible for smooth running of an organization. His work slightly differs from administrative assistant. Executive assistants are required at both private and public enterprises. This challenging position is increasing in demand because the vital role it plays behind any organization to be profitable and run it smoothly. This person plays a vital role in taking crucial decisions and setting up of policy for the company and might substitute other executives who represent him in meetings.visit this hyperlink for Executive Assistant Job Description info.

An ideal candidate for this post is the one who is experienced in managing a wide range of managerial and administrative support related tasks. This person must be exceptionally organized, flexible and take pleasure in the administrative challenges. Executive assistant should be a true professional. He should posses good interaction skills and be proactive, self sufficient, efficient and resourceful. Strong decision making ability and attention to detail are equally important.

Executive Assistant Duties:

  1. Depending on the importance of the matter, he allocates time and arrange meetings with the required dept or member.
  2. Prioritize complex projects
  3. He should manage various projects running under him
  4. Should be self motivated and be inspiring to the remaining staff
  5. Make reservations and travel arrangements for the management
  6. Launch campaigns for consultants and potential clientele
  7. Work with partners and coordinate complex management meetings
  8. Receive and send mails
  9. Review and modify various designer process

10.  He is required to interact with both external and internal assistants and executives for coordination of meetings

11.  Depending on the size of the enterprise, he might have to answer the phone calls & direct them aptly

12.  Forecast & prepare a plan of action for management

13.  Evaluate and summarize various reports

Must Have:


  1. Experience in the creation of various power point presentations
  2. Good calendar and time management skills
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills
  4. Effective listening, interacting and writing skills
  5. Should posses good analytical skills
  1. Ability to maintain confidentiality
  1. Good decision making and problem solving skills


Career Options: With increase in industries and various enterprises, executive assistants are in great demand and are one of the top numbers of professions. As they are needed in almost all types of businesses such as industries, manufacturing units, retail, colleges, trade firms, construction enterprises and many more. Executive assistant post is one of the top paying jobs.

Administrative Assistant Job Description

An administrative assistant also referred as a secretary, is a person who functions to support the management of an organization under various departments such as Accounting, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Development, or Information Technology. In smaller firms they extend their support to everyone in the workplace. This officer arranges official meetings, high level conference and also plays a vital role in admitting new members in the org. Such a person is expected to posses good communication & organizational skills.

He has many duties mostly relating to correspondence like the typing out of mails and correspondence, maintaining records, managing budgets, maintaining websites, making travel arrangements, and bookkeeping. Most often the admin assistants are asked to take the minutes of the meetings and prepare necessary documents for review.

PURPOSE OF ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT: They execute many functions in various enterprises which includes

  • Assisting executives in the maintenance of directory
  • Upholding logistics
  • Assist workers in maintaining stock and storage.
  • Submit invoices & manage the sources of suppliers
  • Make arrangements for interviews and events
  • Schedule official meetings and take the minutes of the meeting
  • Distribute the meetings minutes to all the required staff
  • evaluate and alter reports accordingly for the board
  • Arrange for lunch or refreshments during conferences and high end meetings
  • Ensure efficient and useful operations
  • They are also involved in research and development of an organization
  • Coordinate between various depts. & units to resolve any administrative issues
  • Report any discrepancy to their senior Administrative officer
  • Prepare reports, correspondence and other material
  • Send important faxes, mails or letters
  • Receive couriers, packages and mails
  • Arrange for disbursement of honorariums
  • Maintain business related material, confidential records and important office files.
  • Place an order for staff’s food and receive it.
  • Arrange for replacement of an office equipment, if need be
  • Help the executives I the preparation of companies policies and procedures
  • He may also have to also have to do some lift supplies and materials at times.
  • As required, perform other duties


REQUIRED SKILLS: An admin assistant is required to possess certain skills to be able to perform his duties correctly. Some of the required skills are:

  • Proficient knowledge in computers and should be able to operate spreadsheets and word programs
  • Should be aware of office environment
  • Knowledge of administration and record keeping
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • He should be  a team builder and should always be self motivated
  • Problem solving and analytical skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Efficient in writing skills
  • Should be a good decision maker
  • And the most important; Time management skills

Cashier Job Description

Depiction: A cashier in a retail store is one who scans the goods required by the customer, note down their rates, add the value together and collect the payment for the purchased goods or for the services exchanged.  They have been in market for many years and their demand is increasing day by day, as the business is growing world wide with increase in population. They are needed in malls, grocery shops, retailer store, institutions, offices, cafes, restaurants and almost at every other place. They are also referred as ‘Stepping Stones’ as customer service at stores are mostly measured by the service received at the cash counters. In retail banking a cashier is the one who enables customers to understand their accounts, by accepting cash and cheques and also by disbursing money to them.

Cashier job description is very interesting as they meet different people every day. They need to be polite and friendly with their clientele. They need to stand at the counters which are often placed at the exit point of the stores to scan the products and collect the payment. Person with good interpersonal skills and a lot of patience are better suited for this position because he always needs to be with the customers; ever cheerful.

Tasks involved: A cashier needs to perform the following activities in his job area:

  • Count the cash available in the drawer before taking charge of their duty and maintain adequate change.
  • Beware of the rates of goods and services.
  • Greet the customer with a smile.
  • Give them the required information on the products, services or policies.
  • Respond to the customers questions.
  • Pack the delivery items.
  • Calculate and document totals of transaction.
  • Tabulate bills by using calculators, computers, optical price scanners or registers.
  • Redeem coupons and food stamps.
  • Issue receipts to the customers.
  • Receive payment either by cash, credit cards, debit cards, vouchers, coupons and cheques.
  • Return the credits due to the clientele.
  • Maintain cleanliness at the checkout areas or counters.
  • Monitor adequate staff at the cash counters or refer the matter to a supervisor.
  • Ensure enough cash is available at the counters.
  • Offer carry out service to valued customers.
  • Process any return or exchange services.
  • Aptly resolve any complaints by the customers.
  • Count, sort and wrap the currency.
  • Accept request for home delivery.
  • Reconcile the sale with the payments received.

Arrange to pay the bills for the company on time.

Bookkeeper Job Description

Depiction: “Bookkeeper” is a fairly general job and they are also known as accountants. Bookkeeper’s needs to maintain records of all the financial transactions of the establishment. Using the advancement of technology he needs to authenticate, allocates, and update details of transactions to additional financial records in journals or save them on computer. A bookkeeper should keep a record of invoices, sales slips, invoices, check stubs, receipts, and computer printouts.

Types: Depending on the size of the organization, his duties and responsibilities can vary significantly with distribution of work among the employees. A bookkeeper might have to handle all of the tasks which fall under the Function section. Although bookkeepers do not essentially undergo specialized or complex training, but certain tasks like preparing and filing tax returns, must be handled by a licensed public accountant.


The fundamental aspects of bookkeepers can be out numbered as follows

• A bookkeeper needs to manages company’s financial records
• Record happening of any financial activity in the company
• Activities such as cheques written out to the suppliers and received from the clients.
• Managing both incoming and outgoing of materials under the department of finance
• Settle any pending payments
• Receive & evaluate bank statements
• Update the assessment balance
• Maintain up to date profit-and-loss statement and balance sheets
• Prepare files to check the status of employee for the payment of wages.
• Crosscheck staff’s attendance
• Calculate & prepare payroll for employees
• Cash received by the company should be deposited in the bank by the end of the day
• Pay central and state tax
• Complete yearly tax forms
• Bookkeeping involves large amount of continuous data entry, invariably depending on the quantity of financial transactions.
• Prepare tally files updating the records up to date
• Summarize all transaction details in separate ledgers
• Transfer and copy data from different files when required
• Reconcile company accounts may be once with in a week or month
• Prepare month end reports
• Review reports and prepare statistics of the expenditures
• Draw a graph of profit and loss
• Maintain a correct day book, which includes daily sales, cash spend and received, deposit details of the bank and details on purchases
• Create suppliers, customer and general ledger sheets on daily basis to have hassle free calculations
• Maintain companies insurance files