Cashier Job Description

Depiction: A cashier in a retail store is one who scans the goods required by the customer, note down their rates, add the value together and collect the payment for the purchased goods or for the services exchanged.  They have been in market for many years and their demand is increasing day by day, as the business is growing world wide with increase in population. They are needed in malls, grocery shops, retailer store, institutions, offices, cafes, restaurants and almost at every other place. They are also referred as ‘Stepping Stones’ as customer service at stores are mostly measured by the service received at the cash counters. In retail banking a cashier is the one who enables customers to understand their accounts, by accepting cash and cheques and also by disbursing money to them.

Cashier job description is very interesting as they meet different people every day. They need to be polite and friendly with their clientele. They need to stand at the counters which are often placed at the exit point of the stores to scan the products and collect the payment. Person with good interpersonal skills and a lot of patience are better suited for this position because he always needs to be with the customers; ever cheerful.

Tasks involved: A cashier needs to perform the following activities in his job area:

  • Count the cash available in the drawer before taking charge of their duty and maintain adequate change.
  • Beware of the rates of goods and services.
  • Greet the customer with a smile.
  • Give them the required information on the products, services or policies.
  • Respond to the customers questions.
  • Pack the delivery items.
  • Calculate and document totals of transaction.
  • Tabulate bills by using calculators, computers, optical price scanners or registers.
  • Redeem coupons and food stamps.
  • Issue receipts to the customers.
  • Receive payment either by cash, credit cards, debit cards, vouchers, coupons and cheques.
  • Return the credits due to the clientele.
  • Maintain cleanliness at the checkout areas or counters.
  • Monitor adequate staff at the cash counters or refer the matter to a supervisor.
  • Ensure enough cash is available at the counters.
  • Offer carry out service to valued customers.
  • Process any return or exchange services.
  • Aptly resolve any complaints by the customers.
  • Count, sort and wrap the currency.
  • Accept request for home delivery.
  • Reconcile the sale with the payments received.

Arrange to pay the bills for the company on time.

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