An office is a place where some bureaucratic activities are carried out on a long term basis, which involves more than one worker and all of them function together for development of the firm and earn financial returns for the service they render is called an office, to manage the official work there are different kind of official appointed for different kind of work depending on the requirement of the office on of such kind is the back office.

The Back Office jobs work for the support of the administration and human resource the activities that they perform are arrangements for meetings, conferences and presentations help in maintenance of accounts, other administrative and security tasks, they also support and assist customers or clients and other employees in the organisation they are very important for efficient functioning of the organisation.

Some of the duties and responsibilities that the appointed person has to perform are

•        Render support and administrative services for smooth functioning of organization

•        Help in effective working of employees by providing services.

•        Arrange meetings, conferences and reports required, in some organisation the work may also include making arrangements of accommodations for the clients and employees if required.

•        Assisting the works of human resources department of hiring employees for the company and related things.

•        Preparing periodic performance reports for the management based on employees functioning also managing and supervising the working of employees.

•        Arrange training and improvement programs for the new appointed employee and explain them about the policies of the company help them in problem solving related to work.


•        Be a link and co-ordination between the employees of different departments in the company.

•        Analyse various operations and assets of the company and recommend chance or give suggestions keeping in view the development of the company

To perform the above stated tasks efficiently the person must have some skills like having knowledge of business related activities, must possess a good personal and have efficient communication skills also have technical and analytical skill, must have knowledge of computers, must have an attractive personality and be able to coordinate and supervise other employees, must have a good decision making ability and have the passion of working for the development of the organisation

Educational qualifications required for the post of back office job are a Bachelor’s degree in any subject or a degree in business or finance with some prior experience in administration jobs is an advantage.

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