General Manager Job Description

In any organisation the efficient and effective function is based on the ability of the general manager as he/she is responsible for delivery of the goals and objectives of the organization within a set time an approved budget by utilizing resources available efficiently. General Manager’s responsibility is to supervise the financial, legal, and operational affairs of the organization.

The General Manager is typically responsible for maintaining a smooth flow of work between departments and for resolving interdepartmental conflicts. The General Manager is typically the chief of the organisation. The most important task of a General Manager is to assure that the company stays on schedule and meets or exceeds the goals. All the head of the department generally report to the General Manager, and the General Manager reports to the vice president or president of the company. For large organizations with multiple offices in different locations there would be one General Manager for one location.

The job of the general manager is very challenging as many duties and responsibilities are assigned to the post like establishing the goals and objectives and ensure their execution according to the plan of the organisation, attaining financial suitability and development of opportunities which are fruitful for the organisation, delivering services to customers and attaining their satisfaction, managing the other works of the organisation like setting goals and targets which are efficient performance indicators, finalising the business plans that are fruitful for the business, defining the product sales & marketing plan, and supervising sales and distribution of a product, recruiting and training the hired employees and proper implementation of business plan, maximum utilisation of the resources available

Some of the skills required for the position of the general manager are full knowledge of management principles, sales and marketing principles. Must have a confident personality and possess skills to support organizational activities, should be experienced. Should be able to manage conflicts, possess good communication skills and a should be a good listener, must have the skill of decision making, should be a great team leader

Education Qualifications required for a general manager vary between the types of company but generally an Engineering degree from a reputed college and a degree in business management from the related fieldare also required

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