Human Resources Job Description

Purpose: The Human Resource Officer is accountable to provide support to the various functions, which consist of enrollment, recruitment, instruction, guidance, performance and growth of an organization, disbursement of salaries, negotiation with external agencies and maintaining right conditions at the work place. They are also suppose to monitor employees and counsel them if required.

Human resources (HR) officers not just develop and advise on policies but also ensure their implementation. These policies are mostly related to the effective use of employees within an organization. They want to ensure that all the employees are rightly balanced in terms of skills and knowledge, and hence conduct various training programs and provide equal opportunities for their development.

The officer continuously works towards enhancing their employee’s performance so that they can either achieve or exceeds their targets.

Typical work activities:

A human resources (HR) executive should have clear understanding of business objectives. They are required to devise and implement plans and policies; to select, improve and retain good staff members who are required to meet the business objectives. They also need to devise plans & policies which select, develop and retain the right staff needed to meet these objectives.

HR professional strategize and plan their work, adding value to the company they are working for. Their nature of work changes depending on the organization they work for, but will mostly include:

• Coordinate with various departments, assisting managers to lay, understand and implement policies
• Promote equality and diversity as the companies culture
• Welcome any suggestions for the improvement of any policies or communications, respecting the value of ‘Different people, different thinking’
• Ensure health and safety measures are followed correctly
• Evaluate staff’s performance
• Coordinate recruitment and assortment process to ensure it is timely organized
• Recruit staff with right professional attitude
• Review application forms, resumes, experience of the candidate
• Shortlist these candidates and interview them
• Ensure the hired person is potential and an asset to the organization by understanding their potential area and placing them in that process
• Conduct induction programs for the new employees
• Support line managers with required material and help to improve capabilities of staff members
• Maintain staff’s attendance
• Educate managers, council, supervisors and the remaining staff on human resource
• Advise on remuneration issues
• Advise staff regarding benefits & promotion
• Conduct reviews on staff’s salary
• Administer payroll and maintain staff records

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