Job Description Of A Brand Manager

Brand managers are concerned with creating a lasting impression among consumers about the product and improving product sales and market share they are mainly responsible for creating a product identity in the market which is very important due to the increasing competition. They do so by conducting surveys, monitoring market trends and advertising the product accordingly some other market activities include an assurance that  right message is delivered for their product or service.

This is not an individual task they work closely with many teams, including product developers, researchers, marketing personnel and creative agencies to make sure their company brand values and image are followed by competitors.

The responsibilities of the brand manger revolves around the brand the product and advertising and marketing of the product some of the responsibilities are

  • Making the product visible in the competitive market and help in making an everlasting impression on the customers about the product.
  • Conducting market research through surveys and collection of feedback and plan its advertising campaigns and makes advertising report.
  • Help the other departments like production and planning with the information of trends and requirement of the customers.
  • If the brands have a targeted amount of customers in the market then it is the responsibility of the brand manager to satisfy the customers by offering discounts and offers which will make them loyal towards the brand.
  • Generating new ideas for new packaging designs, including shape, size, colours, fonts and imagery which are helpful for the brand keeping in mind market trends and competitive brands.
  • The job can involve working with in-house marketing and communications people orto represent the company at all creative meetings, including photo and film shoots.
  • Advertising the product through all possible measures likenewspaper and magazine advertisements, direct mail packs, email campaigns, websites, exhibition stands, road shows and liaising with art designers, copywriters, media buyers and printers.
  • The work of a brand manageris very hectic and when working on international brands may travel overseas.

The job is very important for the brand and its overall development so the employed should be a skilled person and also specialised in some of the following criteria strong feeling and future insight about product concepts, should be a good analyser, should be able to respond to results and consumer research efficiently, should have excellent communication skills both written and oral and should also be a great listener, should be able to work well with a wide range of people from different parts of the business, should be passionate about the product, should be an organised person, should have a pleasant personality.

Educational qualifications required for the brand manager are a degree in business management and advertising should have experience in the field of advertising and should have knowledge of computers and when the brand is international the manger should know foreign languages as he may need to travel overseas for the brand advertising and other related work.

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