Job Description Of Assistant Manager

Assistant manager’s work is to assist the manger in efficient performanceof his job, the assistant manager job is filled with challenges that require understanding of the management skills. The responsibility of an assistant manager is to apply the skills and methodology that gains profit for the organization by increasing sales, team performance, and the development, recruiting, training, and retention of employees.An assistant manager job is basically employees related and assisting the manger in efficiently handling the company and its different department. A company may have one or more assistant managers depending upon the need and requirement of the company.Some duties and responsibilities of the assistant manger are

  • Assisting the manager in recruiting quality professionals who would be helpful in development of the company.
  • Creating a healthy prosperous work environment with employees who are dedicated to work individually or as a team, and ensuring its continuity.
  • Helping general manger in designing, and building an efficient service and sales capable company.
  • Planning , supervising and directing the employee-training program for the development of the employees work.
  • Efficiently responding and working on clients comments in a positive manner.
  • Assisting manger in his duties like developing business plans and strategies, planning the budget and all the general tasks like preparing reports, arranging meetings for the managers, making arrangements for  training, development of the  employees.
  • Act as a link between the employees and the managers.
  • Enforcing development plans and strategies to meet the targets of costs and sales budgets.
  • Interacting with employees and assist them in response to customers feedback, concerns, questions, or comments.
  • Helping general manger in designing, and building an efficient service and sales capable company.

Some of the skills required for the job are good knowledge of the administrative, sales and marketing principals, should be able to work efficiently under pressure and able to perform multi-tasking but within time, should be able to communicate efficiently and possess good communication skills both oral and written, should be able to work alone and as a team depending on the requirement.

Educational qualifications require for the post of assistant manager are a bachelor’s degree in management and a degree in company related field, a few years of experience will be advantageous.

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