Job Description Of Managing Director

The Managing Director is one of the high ranked executive of the company and has a responsible job in the company like managing the work of the employees to high levelled decision making and working toward the development of the company, they are responsible for successful running of the company, a director is the main person responsible for running the company the duties and responsibility of the director cannot be totally stated as each company has its own requirements some of the responsibility are

  • Developing new strategies and business for the company, that ensures the company’s growth and progress.
  • Managing the matters related to administration, finance, technical areas of the company
  • Acting as a high-level sales person and attracting new clients for the company.
  • Setting the goals and objectives for the success or failure of the organization
  • Ensuring that the company is making adequate profitsand making strategies and campaigns for its continuity.
  • Supervising the process of recruiting, training and retaining of the employees.
  • Ensure that the standard of a company are maintained and developed.
  • Reporting the company’s overall performance to the company’s Board of Directors.
  • Looking after the all the employees and whether or not each department is working perfectly.

The applicant must possess some of the skills they are good managerial and administrative skills, should has a far sight and ability to make optimise use of opportunity,ability to manage departments efficiently should feel the sense of responsibility, should possess good communication skills both oral and written.

Educational qualifications required for the applicant are master’s degree in management and administration or any other field related to the type of work or company, at least five years of experience in the field of managing

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