Job Description Of Quality Control Officer

The job of a Quality Control officer is ensure that the products manufactured fits the purpose and meets the customer expectations with legal compliance, it is a highly focused job, The officers is responsible for maintaining quality standards and durability of the products, the officer organises and coordinate special activities and programs and supervises the work ant compliant related to the product manufacturing he would be asked for help or guidance, the quality control officer is also responsible for maintaining records related to the product manufacturing and controls the inventory does research in purchase measures and develop the product design depending on the competitors and market.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of the quality control officer are

  • Examiningthem with customer requirements and ensuring the company’s product manufacturing accordingly.
  • Achieving the company’s targets and objectives with quality assurance.
  • Efficiently reporting to the management about the needs and requirements for development in the product manufacturing.
  • Promoting methods of improvement and quality assurance throughout the organization.
  • Ensuring product manufacturing with required legislation and standards.
  • Investigating the product modifications and evaluating, and executing the procedures properly.
  • Supervising technical team’s work.
  • Preparingproduct related statistical reports and submitting it to the management from time to time.
  • Determining the training requirements and fulfilling it.
  • Ensuring the application of healthy and safe work environment.
  • Efficiently reporting the progress and requirements to the management.
  • Managing the workers schedules and timings and requirements.

Some of the skills required for the job of quality control officer are ability to motivate the employees, ability to work alone or as a team, should possess organising, planning and supervising the work of sub-ordinates and workers, should possess good communicational skills, ability to solve problem, good knowledge of numerical and statistics.

Educationalqualifications required for the job are a degree in manufacturing or business or other related field, technical knowledge and a few years of experience in manufacturing.

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