Job Description Of Quality Control

Quality control officer job deals with the quality the product or part of the product, it is a highly focused job, it is mainly designed to meet the expectations of the customer, the job is to make sure that the product is manufactured as per the demand and expectations of the costumer and to ensure that the purpose is fulfilled special programs and events are arranged to collect feedback, also the product test results and feedback from the customers are maintained so that the production can be done accordingly, some organisations also collect suggestions from the customers to meet the standards, the quality control officer has to be specialised in research and development of the product as the information is very valuable for preparing strategies and budgets related to the product.

The job of the quality control officer is very responsible as many of the decisions relating to the product depend on the reports submitted by him/her some of the important responsibilities are

  • Analysing the customer requirements and evaluating the product
  • More than achieving the target setting the priority on quality of the product and customer satisfaction
  • Promoting the events for improvement of the product
  • Promoting quality assurance programs for the organisation
  • Ensuring that the product meets national and international standards.
  • Executing test and measures to investigate product modifications and evaluating the results.
  • Motivating the workers and helping with the available data about product quality
  • Supervising the technical team while taking measures for quality checks and tests.
  • Monitoring the performance and collecting relevant data or information and preparing statistical reports based on that.
  • Arranging quality related training programsfor the production team workers
  • Assuring that the production procedures fulfil health,safety and environmental standards.

The quality control manager has to be specialised and skilled to motivate and influence people, be able to efficiently plan and organise the quality related problems and solve them, should possess both oral and written communication skills, should be able to work in a team or as a part of the team, should have a positive approach towards quality related problems and issues, should have good statistical knowledge.

The educational qualifications required for the post are a bachelor’s degree in related field with good knowledge of processing and manufacturing of the products a degree or diploma in business, management, technology, food science or other related field.

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