Job Description Of Sales Co-ordinator

A Sales Coordinator’s role is to support the sales team in attaining the targets and operates with management and clients to determine business requirements. A Sales Coordinator is basically a focused on communication with the  clients, distributors, representatives and agents of the company and reports it to the company. A Sales Coordinator acts as a link between the management and employees and clients and management and ensures satisfaction to both employees and clients. Some other jobs of the sales co-ordinator are enquiring from the client and ensuring customer satisfaction, perform various administrative functions essential for efficient functioning of the system and providing support for fulfilment of the company plans and targets. Sales co-ordinator’s plays a key role in a company because they are in contact with existing market. Some things purely depend on the ability to determine and communicate, organise, and supervise the work and help in aching targets.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of the sales co-ordinator are

  • Ability to maintain a healthy relationship with existing and new customers.
  • Support by involving in handling of sales and administrative reports and confidential documents and agreements.
  • Supporting and guiding the sales team in attaining sales targets.
  • Communicating with and within the sales team to gather information useful for the management in research and planning.
  • Providing inputs and ideas to the company and monitor the response.
  • Observing, supervising and Preparing proposals, agreements, sales reports, and presentations based on sales analysis.
  • Maintaining and updating the database regularly
  • Monitoring the trends and evaluating the sales goals.
  • Working closely with and within the departments and helping in co-ordination for sound functioning of the organisation
  • Maintaining a peaceful and efficient work environment.
  • Coordinating and responding to all requests of internal meetings by making appropriate arrangements for it.

Some skills require for the job are Excellent communication skills, a hard working person who is well organised and able to perform multitasking and finish work within time, must be able to convey valuable information to the higher officials and should be polite and well mannered, and well organized professional with power to prioritize and multitask, willingness to work alone or as a team, flexible in work timings,

Educational qualifications required are a Bachelor’s degree in Sales or marketing, sound knowledge of computers.

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