Warehouse Jobs Description

Warehouse is a place where material is handled it can be the final product of raw materials that are required by the company, a warehouse job is an area were the material is handled by handlers, packers, transportation workers,maintenance workers and warehouse managers, the work of the warehouse requires skills more than educational qualifications, some of the jobs in the warehouse department are material handling warehouse job, packaging warehouse job, shipping warehouse job, clerical warehouse job etc…

The jobs of the ware house department requires a lot of stamina and skills working in a ware house is not possible for everyone

  • Loading and unloading work requires a lot physical stamina.
  • Material handling requires a lot of care hence the applicant must be efficiently trained
  • A good command over mathematics is required as the job also requires calculative and counting abilities.
  • A basic knowledge of first aid is also required as the job may result in accidents or injuries.
  • The applicant must be trained in material handling.
  • Depending upon the nature of work, the workers should take care of points such as cleanliness and punctuality
  • The working hours can be different or in shifts the applicant must be willing to work in shifts and for extended working hours.

The ware house is managed by a warehouse manager, the role is to plan and coordinate all operations in the warehouse. The warehouse could be located at a retail store, manufacturing plants.

The responsibilities of the warehouse managerincludes working with clients, suppliers and transport companies, managing the delivery and dispatch of goods keeping track of the stock levels and making sure stock is stored correctly and safely, managing the needs of the warehouse and reporting about them to the management , taking safety measures for the workers and should also possess knowledge of first aid, should be willing to work in shifts or for extended working hours, keeping track of the human resource requirements of the warehouse like recruiting, training organising and supervising the work, should be discipline and also maintain discipline among the workers, should also supervise quality control or productionquality, a basic knowledge of computers and data entry is also required for the post, should have the ability to plan and organise work schedules, ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, should be a great team leader and motivate others to achieve targets.

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